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John Morgan

Theological Education: A Paradigm Shift

“From Doctrinal to Pastoral Curriculum Orientation”

Survey: This study was conducted on the basis of information, provided on the websites of the institutions, analyzed in this data-based assessment of the size of faculty and the number of faculty teaching in… Continue reading

Understanding Ourselves: New Book and E-Tutorials

Understanding Ourselves book JHM

Understanding Ourselves: Essays in the History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences

by John H. Morgan (GTF Books, 2015)

This book is now available for order.

In just over a century, the social sciences have grown from a non-entity… Continue reading

Residential Institutes: How They Work

The residential Institutes hosted by the Graduate Theological Foundation at the Dodge House in Mishawaka, Indiana, are designed as Senior Seminars which fulfill requirements for either two graduate courses or the Non-Project Option for a professional degree.

Residential Institutes

Dodge House, the… Continue reading

The Essence of Rabbinic Wisdom: A Transcending Synthesis of Sola Scriptura and the Magisterium

JHMAuthority is at the core of the ecumenical age. We can discuss topical issues of theology: baptism, Holy Communion, redemption, etc., in an effort to identify points of continuity, but in the final analysis the question of authority with respect… Continue reading

Knowledge, Intellect, and Wisdom: Defining Education in a Google World

Knowledge (information), Intelligence (application), and Wisdom (judgment) constitute the sequence sought in education and, as Piaget has taught us, the learning process is directly connected to this tripartite configuration of information gathering, sorting, and utility.  An elderly colleague of… Continue reading