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New E-Tutorial and Faculty Publication

Dr. John Morgan, Karl Mannheim Professor of the History & Philosophy of the Social Sciences at the GTF, has just published a new book titled Post-Biblical Religion: Essays in Secular Spirituality, and is offering an E-Tutorial on the topic of Secular Spirituality based on the book.

Post-Biblical Religion: Essays in Secular Spirituality addresses the current interest among individuals who have an interest in spirituality without being attracted to institutional forms of religious expression.  To be “spiritual” without being “religious” has become a common mantra among many individuals seeking to deepen their sensitivities to the awe, wonder, and mystery of the universe but find themselves drawn to this experience without the need for a belief in a transcendent reality or, if you will, a personal God.  This book addresses those concerns specifically and does so within the context of modern scientific thought explored in the works of Sir Julian Huxley and E. O. Wilson with a closing essay responding to Richard Dawkins, all of Oxford University.  The book is available from the GTF and is the required text for the course.

The E-Tutorial, Secular Spirituality: Post-Biblical Religion In A Post-Modern World, designed around this new publication is for the ministry professional interested in the rise of what is commonly called “secular spirituality,” that is, a spiritual sensibility devoid of religious overtones or attachments.   The rise of secularism has spawned an interest in spirituality separate from institutional religion and defines itself in terms of the experience of awe, wonder, and mystery in the absence of a belief in transcendent reality.  This course explores the increasing popularity of this experiential concept in the secular world and its implications for traditional religion.

Spiritual Guidance Training Institute

Spiritual Guidance Training Institute

New PRIME Affiliation

We are pleased to announce a new PRIME affiliation with the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute.

“A leading edge organization engaging in education, experiences, and relationships for practical, integrative, unitive living. We specialize in the art and training of spiritual guides (directors), offering a professional certificate which encompasses skills in both interfaith and interspiritual guidance.

Sourced in the Perennial Tradition, we believe that while there are many spiritual paths, a universal commonality underlies them all. It is our goal at the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute to provide education and opportunities for deepening this understanding so our participants and graduates can kindly companion and offer compassionate, insightful presence to people from all walks of life and spiritual inclinations. ”

GTF alumni, Jeanette Banashak, PhD, EdD., and Janice L. Lundy, DMin., are Co-Directors and lead teachers at the Institute.

Dr. Banashak

Jeanette Banashak has a background in traditional and alternative education, Spiritual Formation, Creativity, pedagogy, mindfulness as an educational tool, interdisciplinary studies, leadership development, human development, hermeneutics, Spanish, and the Enneagram.

Formerly a professor, Jeanette completed her dissertation on the interrelationship between creativity and mindfulness.  Her phenomenological study drew from Western and Eastern contemplative practices and considered their influence on one’s creative life.  Originally a high school teacher, Jeanette taught in higher education for 9 years.  She currently teaches mindfulness to Kindergarteners through second graders in Chicago Public Schools.

Jeanette is a spiritual guide and supervisor—she practices both in English and Spanish.  Jeanette received her certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Dominican Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She holds a PhD in Education and an EdD, both from the Graduate Theological Foundation, an interreligious school in Mishawaka, Indiana.
 ​When she’s not teaching, Jeanette enjoys playing board games and telling stories with friends and family. She looks forward to walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2018.After 19 years of teaching and leading workshops, Jeanette has received consistent feedback that includes comments about her caring nature, attention to reflection, creativity, deep interest in participant/student growth, as well as facilitating thoughtful and informative presentations.
Dr. Lundy

For over twenty years, Janice L. Lundy has been helping people connect with their truest selves and the divine as they understand it. She does this as a spiritual guide, educator, author and retreat leader.

Jan is an educator by training, having taught Comparative Religion courses in public education for many years. She holds a BA in The Academic Study of Religion in Public Education from Western Michigan University. She earned her Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Center for Spirituality at Dominican Center in Grand Rapids, MI. She holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Spiritual Direction from the Graduate Theological Foundation.

Passionate about supporting people of all faiths as they journey through life, Jan serves as a Spiritual Guide with an interfaith-interspiritual focus. She has a private practice in Michigan and internationally over the telephone and Skype. Since 2002, she has been offering one-on-one spiritual guidance, supervision, and training to spiritual directors and other spiritual care professionals, as well as leading contemplative  workshops and retreats nationwide. She also serves as adjunct staff for the Spiritual Direction Practicum at Dominican Center.

Jan is the acclaimed author of several spiritual growth books including Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be and Portable Peace: A Weekly Guidebook. Her book, My Deepest Me: A 30-Day Guided Journey, is used in spiritual formation programs across the U. S. Her love of the written word is obvious with over 900 published articles to her credit. She writes regularly for the Spiritual Directors International blog. Jan is the originator of the Pure Presence® model and workbook used in the SGTI curriculum.

Audiences, students, and readers alike comment on her peaceful presence and describe her as warm and genuine—”practical and poetic, possessing deep and gentle wisdom.”

You can learn more about Jan at her personal website.




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