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41lgjuiwdal-_sx346_bo1204203200_Dr. Arno Steen Andreasen, D.Min. 2003, has published a new book, In Pursuit of Kingdom Living. We congratulate him on his most recent publication!

Following is a synopsis of the book which can be found on Amazon at this link.

This book is a manifesto for church life and Christian living. It is a book that will challenge what we believe and how we live. The book wrestles with key passages in the Bible and offers principles for a just spirituality.

The book comes out of practice and reflection. Arno has been training leaders, pastors and missionaries for many years combined with his experience as a church leader, a local pastor and being the overseer of an international network of churches.

The book offers an alternative to a superficial faith that leads to bog standard answers. Instead, Arno encourages us all to have a good look at the context of each passage and to evaluate it in the light of the life and ministry of Jesus. Church life as well as Christian living becomes life transforming when what we believe and what we do look and sound like Jesus.

Dr. Antonia M. Arnold-McFarland, the 2016 winner of the Charles Wesley Prize in Sacred Music and Liturgy

Dr. Antonia M. Arnold-McFarland, the 2016 winner of the Charles Wesley Prize in Sacred Music and Liturgy

Dr. Antonia Arnold-McFarland, D.Min., 2016, presented at the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina earlier this month. Her topic was, Moving Forward and Facing the Future In The Black Church Worship Experience.  Dr. Arnold-McFarland’s doctoral research was on this topic as well. We congratulate her on the recognition of the value of her work and on this opportunity to affect positive change in the Church.

Her presentation can be viewed at this link.





3 Responses to Alumni News

  • The Rev. Jeffrey A. Mackey, DMin, PhD, DD says:

    The Rev. Jeffrey A. Mackey (DMin, 1990, DD, 2005) has been appointed Chancellor of the newly formed educational institution, Saint Paul Center in Keystone Heights, Florida. The institution offers the BA, MA, and DA degrees in biblical studies, liturgy, or cultural studies. Mackey is also Professor of Holy Scripture and Theology. He has also been named as Dean and Professor Emeritus by the president of The College of Missionary Aviation. He is also guest organist at The Family of God Fellowship in Ocala, Florida.

  • Ann V. Graber, PhD says:

    Congratulations Dr. Arno Steen Andreasen on your new book, In Pursuit of Kingdom Living. Your enthusiasm to make the world a better place is well remembered from the days when you were a student at GTF.

    Best wishes in all your endeavors,
    Ann V. Graber, PhD
    Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy