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Gary Collier


GTF alumnus, Dr. Gary Collier, Ph.D. Religious and Theological Studies, 2014, has recently published a book based on his Ph.D. thesis which was defended at Christ Church College in Oxford, England, the summer of 2014.  His new book is entitled, I Paulos: Shades of Conversation in ThessaloniansWe congratulate Dr. Collier on his new publication and have included below a brief summary of the work.

The mid-1960’s erupted in a virtual volcano of dissent against historical interests when reading ancient authors and texts. Authors were declared “dead,” “texts” were redefined, and revolutionary literary theories swept the academic landscape. Concurrently, studies on Paul exploded into new perspectives, counter perspectives, wildly different “lives of Paul,” and a general disillusionment that anything at all about the “real Paul” could be known.

In the face of such explosive views, I Paulos poses a daring two-fold thesis: First, an “authentic” Paul can be known from at least the letter of 1Thessalonians, just as much as anyone can be known from a personal encounter. For what is “authentic” about authors inhabits particular kinds of texts like this one. Second, Paul can be seen in this letter as carrying on conversations on multiple levels and in a variety of shades, not only with his immediate audience, but with God through earlier authors and texts.

I, Paulos is a new kind of commentary– a contextual and conversational analysis of 1Thessalonians.



GTF alumnus, Rev. Patricia St. Bernard, Ph.D, 2015, immediately following her consecration and ordination as a deacon in the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago.


We would like to congratulate GTF alumnus, Rev. Patricia St. Bernard, Ph.D., 2015, on her recent consecration and ordination.  Please find below an article submitted by Rev. St. Bernard detailing the ceremony held in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017.


Consecration and Ordination of Deacons: Rev. Patricia St. Bernard

Article submitted by

Patricia St. Bernard to the Graduate Theology Foundation, Indiana, USA

On Thursday 2nd February, 2017 (On the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord). Patricia St. Bernard was one (1) of six (6) candidates Ordained to the Diaconate in the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago. The service was held at The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity by the Right Reverend Claude Berkley. Rev St. Bernard currently serves at the Parish of Christ Church, Cascade, Trinidad and is very active in her Parish and Diocese.

Rev. St. Bernard’s journey to the Diaconate began at her neighbourhood Anglican Church, the Parish of St. Matthias, Laventille where she began worshipping as a child and as she matured began to pursue the Diploma in Theology in 2002 and thereafter was invited by the then Parish Priest Fr. Wilford Carrington (deceased) to become a Lay Minister. I currently serve under Dean Dr. Knolly Clarke at Christ Church, Cascade who continues to assist in my growth and development in Christianity. The motivation towards such a journey was based on loving God and wanting to serve God. Being ordained in the Diaconate is an opportunity to make a greater contribution towards the development of the Anglican Diocese and to go out into communities and share the Good News. The impact on me as an individual is that I have a greater responsibility in the Church to assist in the fulfilment of the work of the Church and to assist the Bishop in the transformation of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago into a New Wine Vineyard.

Rev. St. Bernard previously served as a Lay Minister at her neighbourhood church, the Parish of St. Matthias, Laventille for over 25 years. Some of her achievements were as follows:

  • Served on the Vestry
  • Treasurer of the Mother’s Union
  • Representative at the Synod on several occasions
  • Conducted Evening Prayer and Bible Studies
  • Prepared Candidates for Confirmation
  • Chairperson of the Events Committee
  • Provided home services for the aged and ailing
  • At the request of the Parish Priest, conducted on several occasions morning prayer and distribution of the reserved sacrament on Sunday Morning Worship

Since joining Christ Church, Cascade in 2016 Rev. St. Bernard has been serving on the alter, as well as working assiduously at developing the Bible Study and Evening Devotion class and also serve on the Vestry and is involved in other developmental activities at Christ Church, Cascade.

Rev. St. Bernard is the holder of the Diploma in Theological Studies from Codrington College; the Bishop’s Diploma in Pastoral Ministry, and the Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons) Sociology with Psychology, the Master of Science Degree Criminology and Criminal Justice from University of the West Indies and is the Social Ethics instructor for the Diploma in Theological Studies. Rev St. Bernard is currently enrolled in a PhD programme in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy at the Graduate Theological Foundation.

Rev. St. Bernard was prepared for the Diaconate Ministry by the Rt. Rev. Calvin Bess, Retired Bishop of this Diocese and her passion for ministry includes Pastoral Care, Preaching, Christian Education, Evangelism and Teaching.

I wish to thank everyone who has contributed to the success in my spiritual journey.

Date: Thursday 23rd February, 2017