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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Graduation 2014: Executive Director of AAPC to be Runcie Lecturer

Photo-D-RonsheimWe are pleased to announce that the 2014 Lecturer for our annual Lord Robert Runcie Convocation Lecture Series will be The Rev. Dr. Douglas Ronsheim, Executive Director of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  Dr. Ronsheim is an alumnus… Continue reading

Meet our faculty: Dr. Ann-Marie Neale, Professor of Counseling and Psychology

Karen Horney Professor of Counseling and Psychology

Dr. Ann-Marie Neale has been on the Graduate Theological Foundation for the past few years and focuses on Logotherapy, survivors of disasters and community trauma, 12-step recovery programs for addicts, mental… Continue reading

Dr. Martha Sobaje on Pursuing Doctorate in Sacred Music at GTF

It’s Never Too Late: Pursuing a Doctorate

by Dr. Martha Sobaje, Professor of Sacred Music

(This article was previously published in the Journal of Music and Worship, a publication of the United Church of Christ Musicians Association, Summer 2014.… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: June Institute on Defining Ministry and Exploring Clergy Stress

Participants in the March 2014 GTF Residential Institute

Participants in the March 2014 GTF Residential Institute

Students interested in beginning their degree at the GTF or fulfilling the final coursework requirements for their degree program should consider attending “The Practice of Ministry in a Changing World”… Continue reading